Installing a screen room under your deck.

By installing a RainTight under deck ceiling you can keep the area under your deck dry. Your under decking ceiling installation can then be kept bug free by adding screen walls to your new area under deck. The under deck system combine with the aluminum screen walls will give a great space to enjoy your days bug free.


RainTIght is excited for Spring and would like to welcome any and all homeowners to give us a call for their next Patio Cover, Screen Room, or Screen wall enclosure needs. We have over 50 years' experience in building custom roof covers for decks and patios. Patio Covers can come in any shape or size and we can handle all of those needs. We do aluminum patio cover, insulated patio covers, patio cover and wood patio covers. Our roof covers can be built to match an existing building line or take on a look of their own.

Owning a beautiful deck can provide endless years of entertainment for you and your family.  The ability to enhance the usable space under the deck will allow you to double this space for multiple levels of entertainment.  Many homeowners have finished first floor patios underneath their deck.  This space can live up to its full potential with an under deck drainage system. 

RainTight Under-Deck System

This system collects the water that goes through the deck surface and diverts it away from your home.  Creating this ceiling that keeps your first floor patio dry not only allows for entertainment, but serves to enhance the look of any size or style of deck.  Accessories such as lighting and ceiling fans can add additional enhancements to make your deck a beautiful and exciting place to create years of enjoyment and lasting memories.

When considering a high quality under deck system for your largest investment – your home – you want value without sacrificing quality.  This is where RainTight comes in… I thought we would outline a few of the benefits and end the confusion on what our competitors may suggest….

Why should I choose the RainTight Under Deck System?

The RainTight under deck system can be installed for any New Deck or Existing Decks.

Our under deck system can be installed when your new deck construction is complete – It does not need to go in before deck boards go down.

Your existing deck can easily be fitted with the RainTight under deck system – any size and any shape!

RainTight is the manufacturer and designer of each under deck system.  Don’t be fooled by the others on the market.

We are not an under deck company that has simply “re-branded” a new name – many of our competitors do just that.  All of our under deck systems are created here in our manufacturing facility with each and every homeowners deck being created specifically to their deck. 

Why Choose Aluminum?  Won’t vinyl or PVC work? 

The aluminum panels are specifically designed for exterior, long-term durability.  Products made from vinyl or lesser-gauge aluminum are simply not designed to last.  This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our materials.  

Do I lose a great deal of head room with your system?  Your competitors said I would.

Our competitors would love to convince you of this – but it is simply not true!  We have carefully designed our low-profile panels to minimize the amount of head room that is needed. 

Will the RainTight Under Deck System add value to my home?

The answer is simply.. YES…The finished look and ascetic value of our RainTIght under deck system will increase the entertainment space and bring a finished and distinguished look to any outdoor space.