Studio Screen Rooms

screen-10-lgStudies have shown that midwesterners spend more time enjoying the outdoors than other Americans. But while taking advantage of the warmer months and fabulous weather is very inviting, annoyances like pests, insects, wind-blown debris, and rain can all impair your ability to gather together with loved ones on your patio or porch. Studio screen rooms solve this problem. By installing a studio screen room onto your home, you can spend time in the fresh air without any of the inconveniences, while expanding your living space and adding to your property's value.

Studio Screen Rooms Turn Dreams Into Reality

Many of us dream about being able to add extra space onto our homes through the installation of a screen room enclosure. Unfortunately, some homeowners make the mistake of believing that this is an unattainable goal. Perhaps they are uncertain about the costs involved with such an undertaking, or worry that the time involved with constructing the room will disrupt their lifestyle. Whatever their concerns may be, they are holding these individuals back from the screen room of their dreams. With studio screen rooms, though, all of these doubts can be pushed aside.

The studio construction of screen rooms has taken the nation by storm. With studio construction, all materials are pre-manufactured, delivered to your home, and installed directly by your contractor. By simplifying the process, costs are reduced, variables are removed, and the amount of time to construct the screen room is lessened. This reduces any intrusion to your lifestyle, while still offering high quality and flexibility in the construction of your studio screen enclosure.

Benefits of Studio Screen Rooms

In addition to a faster, more precise installation, studio screen rooms can benefit homeowners in many ways.

  • Customization - Your studio screen enclosure will be custom made to either fit under your deck, into your porch, or designed and constructed from the ground up. You'll enjoy color options to ensure that your screen room matches with the style of your home and looks great.
  • Low-Maintenance - The aluminum used to construct your studio screen room will not fade, rust, sag or melt, and colors are baked on. This ensures you won't need to re-paint your enclosure or replace any structural elements.
  • Longevity and Durability - Each studio screen room is built with durable materials that are designed to last a lifetime.

Take advantage of studio construction and start enjoying your screen room right away.